Carpediem, since it's genesis, has partnered with over 100 clients to help them write their growth stories. Our expertise has been in the functional areas of Strategic HR, Brand Consulting and the cusp of Employer Branding. We've helped them become Employers of Choice by straddling, both strategy and execution.

Our Employer Branding Suite

Craft Employee Value Propositions (EVPs)

Employer Brand Activation

Employee & Candidate Experience Design

Brand Ambassador Programs

Recruitment Marketing

Campus Connect Programs

Internship Programs

Alumni Connect Programs

Employer Brand Audits

Employer Brand Workshops

Employer Brand Masterclass

This contemporary HR area finds many professionals curious and keen to understand how to navigate the path so as to get their companies to charm talent. Crafting a compelling employer brand requires an assortment of professional skills, it’s like being an ‘all-rounder’. This is a foundational workshop that that helps you craft EVP’s, embed them within, devise a talent attraction strategy – and finally ‘go to market’

Employer Brands we've built

A few success stories

"The Chosen One" - on Engineering Campuses

Our client was battling it out, to attract the cream of talent from engineering colleges across the country. It was imperative to onboard only the best as the India organization was relied upon by the parent to deliver cutting edge chip design. Here is how they became the darling at the premier engineering campuses in india.

Living the Values Code

A global leader took acquired an entrepreneur run dominant player in the Indian market. There emerged a dual objective; that of embedding the core values of the multinational in the Indian entity and that of repositioning the business so as to be more attractive to quality talent. The growth aspirations demanded a blend of exiting and new professionals!

KYT: Know Your Talent

It is easy to understand where your talent comes from. What's more complex is what makes that target demographic tick. Especially when there is little research about that niche market. We conducted extensive surveys in two of the client's largest talent locales and armed them with the information needed to appeal to this crowd.

Our Consulting Practices

Strategic HR consulting

  • HR Blueprint
  • Organization design
  • Compensation philosophy
  • Competency framework
  • Learning & development roadmaps
  • Leadership assessment
  • Functional coaching for marketing
  • and HR heads
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic workouts

Employer Branding

  • Understand customer & competitive context
  • Define brand identity
  • Product mix & experience design
  • Marketing strategy by consumer segment
  • Creative development with partners
  • Marketing execution & brand audits

Digital HR Consulting

First of its kind, webCHRO is an interactive, digitally-enabled HR Consulting platform

We are a team of professionals with decades of leadership and consulting experience. Our objective is to scale high quality HR advisory and make it affordable and available to all.